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Risen - Copy Protection Removal Patch

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-21 05:18:24

Well this should be good news for most of us it seems Piranha Bytes, and Deep Silver have released a patch for Risen to remove the Tagès copy protection.

Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver released a patch for the original retail version of Risen 1 which will remove the Tagès copy protection (DVD check).

This finally puts players who paid full price for the game on par with those who purchased the recent cheaper editions. Now everyone should be able to paint Faranga red without having to juggle DVDs.

The patch is available for download on our servers and according to Piranha Bytes is specifically meant for the original retail version (boxed). It is not meant for the Steam version.

Update: Due to a buggy installer, the patch will only work reliably on the release version! If you have already installed patch 1.10, it can happen that the installer runs through just fine but does not actually install anything. This depends on the variant of the 1.10 patch installed (according to a statement by Deep Silver made in the German forum, several variants are in circulation).

To get the patch working for sure, install Risen fresh from the DVD and then immediately apply the Unprotect patch. Do not apply patch 1.10 at any time (it is not needed as it is already included in the Unprotect patch).

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