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White Gold - War in Paradise - Interview @ Gameguru Mania

by Dhruin, 2006-11-05 20:55:43

Deep Shadows' Sergey Zabaryansky has been interviewed at GameGuru Mania about their followup to Boiling Point titled White Gold: War in Paradise.  Here's a snip:

GGMania:Were you pleased with the reactions that Boiling Point received? Why the game (especially the initial release) has so many errors? What's happened?

Sergey Zabaryanskiy: There were ups and downs. When we started developing Boiling Point nobody believed that Freeplay shooter with RPG elements in the real setting can be done. But we proved that such kind of the game can attract attention of many players and, as a result, a lot of gamers have become our fans. Now we have a conception, so, our main goal is to do the game with medium requirements and without drawbacks of Boiling Point.

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