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Transistor - Interview @ GameInformer

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-23 04:57:51

Game Informer interviews Greg Kasavin the Creative Director of Supergiant Games about his upcoming ARPG Transistor.

Supergiant has been pretty quiet about Transistor for the last few months. Has anything notable changed from what gamers have seen so far?

After the fantastic response we got to our reveal of Transistor last year, we knew we just had to stay focused and make sure the full game lived up to the potential people saw in it, or better yet experienced from playing it. That's essentially what we've been doing.

I think a lot of people have already made up their minds about whether or not they want to play Transistor just from what little we've revealed thus far. Likewise I don't think we'll tip many people over the fence by revealing more weapons or characters or whatever. So we just keep on tinkering away at the game.

The big thing that's happened since last we publicly showed Transistor is we now have the whole game playable start to finish, with a complete story and all the environments and content we expect will be in the full game. We've also fleshed out all the core systems for mixing and matching different Transistor functions. That means from here on out we're just making all of it better. Hopefully, at least! And we're pretty happy with a lot of it already.

As a game developer, if you're busy building levels and other content then that's time you could have spent improving what you already had. So, even though this is an intense point in development, I've been feeling very good about where we're at since with each passing day I'm seeing more and more of the promise of this concept becoming fulfilled, and seeing so many small details, the little things we really want to do with it, happening more and more.

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