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KB: Warriors of the North - New Ice and Fire Patch

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-24 04:14:49

1C Company announces on Steam a new patch for the Ice & Fire DLC is now available.

We're happy to present quite a list of improvements.

1. Fixed dialog with the Owls.
2. Error that prevented gaining additional Runes
3. Hypnotized creatures that received bonuses from Empathy effect no longer gain that bonus after they have returned to their army.
4. Error message while Miners’ attacks fixed.
5. Druids’ description fixed.
6. Scalds get XP for using their talents Paean and Evil Taunt.
7. King’s griffons get XP for using the talent Heavenly Guard.
8. Descriptions for Robbers and Marauders corrected.
9. Steadfast Norse wrongly decreased the duration of some positive effects
10. Empathy talent duration even after the Mystics exit trance corrected.
11. Corrected misprints in the Armor characteristics for some creatures.
12. Witch Hunters’ talent Magic Block fixed – damage to the squad wasn’t inflicted while using non-combat talents.
13. Some items’ descriptions corrected.
14. Pyromages’ talent Fire Shield now correctely increases fire resistance
15. Description of Ogre's Rage effect corrected.
16. Fixed incrorrect battlelog message that some squad gain energy.
17. Fixed the situation when player was unable to collect some resources in Arlania because of blocked path (restart required).

Click the link for the extended list of updates and changes.

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