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Eschalon: Book III - Mod Text Files

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-24 04:50:46

Basilisk Games has posed an update on their forums about modding Eschalon: Book III.

Eschalon: Book III MODS: Text Files

Everyone- this is step one for modding. There will be more releases in the coming weeks.

Below is a link to all the text files used in Book 3. I have put these up because I am getting a lot of requests for language translations. If you want to translate Book 3 into your native language, here's where you start.

A few rules:

- DO NOT add any extra page breaks or carriage returns into the text. Yes, you can extend or shorten blocks of text when translating, but you will break the game if you add additional carriage returns.

- DO NOT translate any of the script code. Script code may look like:
A keyword inside angle brackets.
give_item (Erubor's Letter) A series of keywords with other keywords inside parenthesis.

- DO NOT look at these text files unless you want to have the storyline revealed to you.

If you manage to translate all of the game, send the files back to us and we'll post your "language pack" online. Please note that this will only translate the external text of the game, not the internally generated messages or graphic files (such as signs or some menus). We will address these other translations later as we prepare the game for more generalized modification. However, the majority of the "important" text (quests, dialogs, books and skill/magick descriptions) are right here in these text files, so translating these will make the game fully playable by non-English speaking people of your region.


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