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Kingdom Come - Post-Funding Update #22

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-25 06:17:02

Warhorse Studios talks about your forum badge in the next post-funding update for
Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Not really exciting but still of importance to some.

Your forum badge

Hello and thank you again for backing our game! One of the rewards common to all backers is access to our forums. These are already up and running and many of our backers have their accounts there. It’s time to make sure everybody has the right badge according to their pledge.

The Kickstarter have kindly provided us with the email addresses of our backers and we shall be now matching them to the ones on forums. One of the following things can happen:

  • You used the same email address on Kickstarter and on our forums: you don’t have to do anything, your badge will be updated to reflect your pledge.
  • You used a different email for Kickstarter and forums: please send an email to [email protected] to the effect “my Kickstarter email is [email protected] and when registering at forum.kingdomcomerpg.com I used [email protected]” and we shall match the emails manually.
  • You haven’t registered on the forums yet and you can use the same email you are using on Kickstarter: we can match your pledge automatically and you just have to register on the forums (the matching process may take some time though, don’t be worried if your badge does not show correctly during first fifteen minutes or so after the registration)
  • You haven’t registered on the forums yet and for some reason you cannot use the same email address: please register and send an email to [email protected], like the one described above.
We expect the matching process to be finished within next 24 hours, we shall let you know when it’s complete so that you can verify your badge. See you on our forums!

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