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Legends of Eisenwald - Development Diary #7

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-26 05:12:58

Aterdux Entertainment has posted the seventh Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald. In the update we get a look at how combat works in Legends of Eisenwald.

Developers Diaries #7: Combat

Sometimes we hear questions from players why a hero doesn’t lead huge armies but rather separate units. Well, usually a medieval knight-errant didn’t have under his command armies of hundreds or thousands of people. In historical novels we see descriptions where a rich and pompous knight leaves his castle with: four beautiful and strong war horses that are led by two stablemen, three knights with fourteen horses, a chaplain, forager, smith, armourer, baggage animals, and a string of carts with gifts. Usually everything was a bit humbler and almost all the time it depended on well-being of knight-errant.

“Legends of Eisenwald” is role playing game above all; it is a simulator of knight-errant who pursued adventures that are later reflected in stories and epic poems. His troops is not just faceless army headed by a general, it’s team of mercenaries and adventurers who like to be in the company of a man of high principle (and with some gold). Taking this into consideration, it’s best to provide more details on the role playing aspect and highlight it.

You can equip any soldier in your army, give to him or her good weapon and opportunity to upgrade: a hunter who became crossbowman sergeant, herbalist who soared to the heights of an  enchantress. Individual traits of a hero allow you to carefully use choice ability because this or that skill affect not only combat behaviour but also global map behavior. For enhancing individualization effect, we decided to customize all possible knight’s comrades-in-arms: give names to them, a bit different traits and even nicknames for special characters. We hope that we will be able to implement these algorithms up to release.

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