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Indiegogo - What's Up?

by Myrthos, 2014-02-26 13:28:59

I thought I'd check out what is available as games that are tagged with the RPG label on Indiegogo and found out that very few understand how important presentation is.
Here are a few games that I felt might spark an interest amongst the RPGWatch community and of which most will not get funded unless they present themselves a lot better.

Legends of Persia

The storyline revolves around Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh who was killed by Afrasiab, the king of Tooran. In the game you will have to deal with large amounts of enemies and fight bosses in order to be able to deal with Afrasiab.
They are asking for $5.000 AUD (currently at $35 with 50 days left) and with an estimated delivery date of March this year the campaign runs longer, which is somewhat odd.
Not sure how serious they are as they have not added any updates at the moment.


A game labeled as an adventurous steampunk RPG, which will not only release on PC and Mac, but also on Android and iOS.
Catharsis follows the story of four citizens dragged into a conflict to save their nation; Rhogar, the engineer; Kay, his partner mysteriously brought back from death; Ares, a black market dealer; and Mathias; a bartender with a shady past. As they struggle to restore power to their country, they face off against the rich and powerful Count Arthur who has his own agenda for Textoria. 
They are asking for $25.000 AUD (currently at $195 with 21 days left). At the moment their engine is ready and they now need to make the sprites, artwork and music to complete the game.
Like the previous game, they have not provided any updates, so that could definately be improved especially as some basic game information is missing, like how combat works to name one.

Varas - legend of a Thief

A 'retro RPG pc game' is the subtitle of Varas, which is at the very least a referral to the graphics. It is a game about a young boy that is taken to be trained as a thief in which capacity he finds out more about the history of his family.
The description of the game is brief and incomplete and leaves many question unanswered, which is likely to be the main reason that up to now they have only reached 35 Euros from their 4500 Euro goal. With 22 days left they better add some improvements to this proposition or it isn't going anywhere, especially as the market for a game with this graphics style isn't that big.


This developer needs funds to hire a development team as he feels unable to finish the game without it. There is a bit of information on the game, but it isn't that readable. It is a rather uninspiring Q&A the developer has with himself. The game is a turn-based RPG/Strategy hybrid using old school 16 bit graphics. The name of the game can be found back in the 7 kingdoms that make up the world of the game. Each kingdom has 7 regions and it it your task to free these regions with your team of 7, while also dealing with the 7 elements.
At the moment the campaign has gathered $61 from a desired $50K and with 46 days to go there is still room to improve the presentation.

Sierra Ops

This is a space RPG, which has already met its goal, but there is still some time to jump on the bandwagon if you like. Compared to the previous mentioned games this one has a much better presentation and some updates with actual information as well.
In the game you are a captain of the "Sierra", a battleship and it is your task to reclaim of the colonies that have separated themselves from the Eart Alliance. You can decide which side to you want to take in the inevitable war.
Sierra Ops is an improved version of an existing game: Operation SD: Space Defense, which is likely to serve as a reference to determine if this can be a game to your liking.

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