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Kingdom Come - Preview @ RedBull

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-27 04:01:16

The energy drink website RedBull once again has another preview this time for the successful funded kickstarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Like Oblivion, the story Kingdom Come will tell will be reliant on the choices you make and the way you play. If you want to creep about as a skulking assassin or ride into battle on horseback brandishing a flail, that's fine with Warhorse. If you'd rather travel from town to town singing as a bard, well, that's fine too. Sort of. The stated goal is to create an epic, non-linear story without resorting to usual staples of dragons and magic. "Dungeons, no Dragons".

"Fantasy might be mainstream in games, but when you turn on the TV, go to cinema or library, its quite the opposite - history is the mainstream," says Vávra. "People like TV shows like Vikings, Rome, The Tudors; movies like Braveheart. And the same people also play games, but there aren't many games being made for them. The only thing they can do is buy the next closest thing: a fantasy RPG. But if you look at the success of Total War series or indie games like Mount and Blade, you realize that the audience is there."

The game's story revolves around the plight of your unlucky protagonist, whose career as a humble blacksmith takes an unexpected turn when his family are slain by an invading army and he becomes embroiled in a plot to seize power by an unlawful king. Unlike your standard fantasy RPG, you've not been blessed with a special birth sign, your coming was not foretold in the stars. You'll need to eat and sleep regularly, as in many games' hardcore modes (and, you know, real life). In fact, you're so pointedly un-magical that food left in your inventory will rot and go bad. Dragonborn you are not.

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