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Kingdom Come - Inteview @ Gamestar

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-28 05:22:25

Gamestar has a new interview for the funded kickstarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

It was really interesting to read that blog about how the project was funded. I am pretty sure you never underestimated the risks you were taking with Kingdom Come since you're familiar with how the industry works. What motivated the team to start working on such expensive and large, ambitious debut project, obviously an AAA-scale title and not something more humble?

We love the era and setting and we love RPGs. And since there were no games that would mix the setting with our favorite RPG mechanics, we had to develop one:)

Couldn't help but think Mount & Blade — a series so familiar to historical reenactment enthusiasts — when I was reading Kingdom Come description. Are you familiar with the series? How different is your concept and vision of the gameplay mechanics from those of TaleWorlds?

Of course we know MB. I played it, but less than I would like to. We share the setting and the ambition to be authentic, but they are true procedural sanbox, while we are more based on story -open world, but with strong storyline. Our combat will also be a lot different than theirs.

According to some of the Western resources, the game events will be tied to a particular historical period. What is the time span the plot is going to cover? As far as we understand, the game is set during the interregnum era with Hohenstaufen fallen, Habsburg dividing the territories and Kurfürst emerging? Does our hero start his way to the throne here? Or are you going to send players to the unquiet era after the death of Frederick III?

Its set in 1403. Emperor Charles IV. died some time ago and his two sons Sigismund and Wenzel the Idle started to fight over the throne of the empire. So its about Luxembourg dynasty, but you are right as well, Habsburgs and Kurfursts were involved a lot in this.

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