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Bound By Flame - Meet Sybil The Wizard

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-01 05:52:44

Spiders has released more information for Bound By Flame introducing us to another companion called Sybil The Wizard. She was the companion kissed in the last video.

Shy yet ingenuous and combative, the wizard Sybil is the daughter of the leader of the Order of the Red Scholars.

Growing up under the cover of the order, she traveled around the world to gather and centralize knowledge of all kind.

On the battlefield, you can count on her offensive powers to fight your enemies, but she is also specialized in the art of healing, magically tending to your wounds in the heat of battle.

Diplomatic, very smart, Sybil is pushed by her curiosity to join the Hero in his quest.

She will help him to understand his new demonic inner self, and is the first to worry about the consequences the extensive use of his demonic powers may involve.

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