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NWN - The DLA/Atari Issue @ NWN 2 Warcry

by Kalia, 2006-05-27 22:55:00
An opinion piece has been posted at my "other site", NWN 2 Warcry. The issue at hand is the mess that Atari has created by stopping Bioware's and the DLA team's production of premium modules for Neverwinter Nights. Here's a snip:
DLA has arguably produced some of the best custom content for NWN 1 to date and I am sorry that they were treated so harshly. I am terribly disappointed in the obviously ham-fisted way Atari handled the situation. Yet,as others have said on the official forums, DLA had a business relationship with Bioware to produce custom content. Business is business, a cold cruel fact in today's world, even when it is a poorly run one (such as Atari). There was no guarantee that it was going to go the way everyone wanted it to go.
Read the rest here.

In related news, Steel_Wind, lead developer with DLA, has posted a long behind-the-scenes article about the issue:
On the issue of money and Atari making any off of Premium Mods....I'm not privy to financial data. I'm told "some" in the past without specifics - but nothing to write home about in terms of money (that was my impression). Then again, it does not cost Atari anything to generate the revenue, either. They just need to shut up and take a cheque. It's not much more complicated than that.
Read the rest here.
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