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South Park - Preview @ The Gamers Pad

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-03 05:08:44

If you want to read another preview for South Park: The Stick of Truth then head over to The Gamers Pad. Also as a reminder the game will be out in four days.

The combat system in South Park: The Stick of Truth is another thing that impressed me. I’m not a huge fan of turn-based RPG games but it nails it. It’s somewhat dumbed down a bit but not enough to deter fans of that specific genre and enough to have gamers (like myself) be able to understand it and start whipping out awesome attacks in no time. You have your HP bar, PP bar and Mana bar that you have to watch throughout the battles. HP is for health, PP is for your abilities (for example, a Jew-Jitsu attack) and the Mana bar is well, for farts. Yes, seriously. Managing these is vital to beating your foes as the difficulty of the game is quite apparent from the get go. I did find myself on the receiving end of some incredibly vicious curb stomps at times – but a little thought and tactical approach guided me on my way to be the one, truly awesome ‘new kid’.

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