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Witcher 3 - Interview @ IGR

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-03 05:55:12

I Game Responsibly had the chance to interview CD Projekt RED about The Witcher 3. The interview focuses on the games visuals, and frame rate.

When I asked Krzemiński to describe the visuals of The Witcher 3 and which platform is currently performing the best, he replied,

"Oh, I don’t like creating such dichotomies between platforms. Imagine we’re making an airplane instead of a game – we finished the left side of the plane, and we’re just starting work on the right side. A person comes by and asks which side has better aerodynamics at this point in time. Well, the obvious answer would be “the left one”. Is that the right answer, though? The process of developing a game is a complicated thing (more complicated than most gamers think), at this point in time differences in performance may stem from the fact that we haven’t finished a segment of code and not because a given platform has less potential. We treat both platforms equally and both the PS4 and Xbox One will blow you away in terms of visuals."

Historically, the visuals of The Witcher have always managed to impress the gaming community, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so as the book closes on Geralt’s journey. Lastly, I wanted to know what the studio hopes will cement the legacy of The Witcher trilogy,

"That’s a really tough one to answer. I think that we’ve already managed to set a trend for maturity in games. The way we tell stories, and what these stories are all about, seems to have hooked gamers and left them wanting more. All the shades of gray in The Witcher games, operating on the edge of morality, and meaningful choices and consequences – if we left a mark on the genre, I think these things are it. Having that said, I think, as a studio, we’re too humble to talk about legacies or heritage, we just try to make the best RPGs and gamers seem to resonate with what we do."

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