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Celestian Tales - Update# 2, 50% Funded

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-03 06:16:21

Ekuator Games has posted the second update for the relaunched Kickstarter Celestian Tales. The update shares infomation the game is now half funded.

Second Day: 50% Reached, Prototype Fixed.

It's yet two days past the moment we relaunched Celestian Tales: Old North, and we have now surpassed HALFWAY our target! Thank you so much for the great contributions, all of you are just so awesome. :)

The weekends might make for slower pace, but we've reached the front page when it comes to people browsing the Video Games section. That's a huge source of traction (some of you might also have come from there). High hopes for the weekdays of this first week to get us to a good number!

As we reached the 50% mark, Intan got very excited and so she doodled something in the spare time. Do enjoy!

Prototype Fixed

First of all, let us start by apologizing for giving you an unpleasant experience. We understand that some of you must be frustrated having a game that doesn't work as it should. That's not the message we wanted to send, and we're totally sorry for that.

We didn't plan to have working hours on the weekend, but as soon as error reports came in we scrambled together to fix the problems. The fixed versions have been built and uploaded, and are now available for you to try. We really appreciate all the feedbacks you sent our way, which allowed us to notice the errors in the game.

You can get the fixed versions here.

Some of the problems we addressed:

  • You should be able to move (and play the game).
  • Characters in the events should not walk out of the screen.
  • Using 'Command' on an ally should not freeze the game.
  • Resolution adjustments for larger screen sizes.

We're sorry that Mac builds are not yet available as we need to get our hands on a Mac first to be able to try and test stuffs. That should happen as soon as tomorrow, so please check again later. Would you like us to personally send a personal message to notify you when it's available, please tell us so (we can actually make another update for this, but too many updates might be annoying for some).

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