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RPGWatch - Lords of Xulima Interview

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-03 06:24:14

I managed to get an interview with Jesús Arribas the Director, and Lead Designer of Lords of Xulima. We talked about crowd-funding, and the upcoming Beta in March.

RPGWatch: Can you go into detail about what you learned during both campaigns? I always like to get an inside look from the developers point of view.

NG: Well, I'd like to say that organising a crowdfunding campaign can be very demanding! It takes about a month of preparation, then you have to actually run it, which means being available 24 hours a day to supervise everything.  Whenever I could afford a small break from managing the campaign, it was usually time to provide our backers with what they would like to see, such as a particular Update or piece of art.

About our choice of platform, we started on IndieGoGo because, for a studio based in Spain, it was much easier to set things up over there. Near the end of our first campaign, we found out a great way to launch on Kickstarter, so we decided to make the jump and continue from the point where IndieGogo ended.

Looking back, I must admit we made several mistakes in both campaigns. The worst of them was to not realise that the final days would land right around Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Fortunately we still succeeded, and we are very happy with the results and the response of our backers.

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