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GW Nightfall - Review @ Eurogamer

by Rheric, 2006-11-06 22:36:34

Eurogamer has posted a review of the latest expansion for Guild Wars, titled Nightfall.

Opening up new regions and introducing its own new features, Nightfall ushers in another swathe of cleverly-instanced quests for Guild Wars' online adventures. This time the story-driven action takes place on a new continent, which is tinged with African folklore and populated by a lavish cast of African and Arabian characters. The new lands are, once again, exquisitely beautiful, with large, open areas and inspired African architecture. This is a large and impressive single-player expansion for Guild Wars, and it really concentrates on delivering an interesting story just as much as the last pack, Factions, concentrated on making changes to PvP.

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GW: Nightfall

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