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Path of Exile - Editorial @ Gamasutra

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-04 05:10:09

Gamasutra has a new article that talks about the mechanics, and ethics of how free-to-play is used in Path of Exile. It's worth a read for any fans of the game.

Over 5 million people have signed up to Path of Exile. "Roughly" 1.2 million people are expected to play its next expansion during the month of its release, Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Games, its developer, tells Gamasutra.

The game -- a Diablo-esque dungeon crawler -- is completely free-to-play. Its microtransactions are entirely cosmetic and have no effect on the gameplay -- and its gameplay is tuned like a premium game, with no stopgaps or gates. Yet its developers are wildly successful.

How does that work?

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