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Unrest - New Trailer & Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-04 05:19:57

Pyrodactyl Games has a new update for their RPG Unrest on Kickstarter. In the update we get news Chapter 3 is nearly finished, and the developers will be at EGX Rezzed.

No big updates--Chapter 3's almost finished, everything else continues pretty much according to plan. But we do have a new teaser trailer showing off some of our environments and interface elements on YouTube, and if you've got one minute and one second to kill, we've got just the one minute and one second to kill it with.

Notice how those trees are moving? That was so brutally hard that our team doesn't even want to talk about it. Making games is weird, man.

Want to see Unrest live without breaking into Arvind's house and guessing his password (currently oppan_gabenstyle)? Come to our stream next Sunday at 3PM GMT! Alternately, get your ticket to EGX Rezzed--running in Birmingham from March 28-30--and see the developers who aren't me in person! I mean, if that's the sort of thing you'd like to do. I wouldn't take any offense. I wouldn't take much offense. I wouldn't actually do anything about it, anyway, is what I'm getting at.

 Thanks daveyd for the link.Wink

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