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Blackguards - DLC & Patch Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-05 05:45:42

Blackguards: Untold Legends the first DLC for Blackguards was released today, and is available for purchase on Steam and GOG. Here is the launch trailer.

Untold Legends sheds new light on the background and heritage of Takate, the former slave and arena fighter, who joins the player's party in chapter 2 of the original Blackguards. Takate's home is in the foothills of the rainforests in Southern Aventuria, where most of the native people of the Moha originate from.
In Untold Legends, players will learn how Takate became a slave gladiator, and get the chance to take revenge on all the slavers that caused so much pain to him for much of his life.

Along with the release of the DLC we get a new patch.

General Changes

- Adds the feature ‘free character creation’ to Blackguards. (Patch 1.2)
- Added an NPC to Neetha who gives advice to new players.
- Added an additional autosave at the beginning of every fight. This also applies to each fight in a series of fights.
- Some minor bugs in cutscenes have been fixed.
- Some dialogues have been fixed.
- Some text- and NoKey-errors have been fixed.

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