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RPGWatch - Subterranea Interview

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-05 05:53:49

Subterranea is the one of the newest RPG Kickstarters to go live last week. It's the brain child of a man called John Mabbott the founder of Cloud Nine Games.

He describes his game as the following, " An Adventure through a world rife with peril and intrigue, to solve a dangerous mystery in this fantasy, turn-based CRPG".

I had the chance to ask him a few questions in my latest interview. We talked about his game, his Kickstarter, and a few other various questions.

RPGWatch:Thanks for agreeing to the interview John. Can you tell us a little about yourself, and your game Subterranea?

Cloud Nine Games: I'm a long-time fan of single-player CRPGs, and grew up on Pool of Radiance, Bards Tale, Ultima, Might & Magic and some Wizardry. My day job took me into software development for banks, however I've always had a burning desire to build a CRPG like the ones I used to play, in a modern engine with all that offers, including "newer" graphics, smooth animations, physics, etc. The time has come to make this come true!

Although I know it's an over-used setting, I still love the typical D&D high fantasy setting, and think that there still some ways to keep parts of it fresh. I like a realistic/gritty world rather than a cartoony/over-the-top one, so Subterranea will be closer to the vibe of a Witcher or Gothic, rather than a Kingdoms of Amalur, although obviously the gameplay will not be like those ARPGs!

My design philosophy with Subterranea is to push some of the technical boundaries of what's been seen in tactical, party-based CRPGs to-date. The best examples of the genre tend to use beautifully-drawn, but static, 2D backgrounds. I want a dynamic, vibrant, fully-3D world, full of emergent gameplay possibilities.

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