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Planets - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-06 13:42:50

The promised kickstarter for Planets³ is now live. The developer Cubical Drift are asking for $250,000 to get the game funded in thirty days.

Planets³ is a 3D open-world voxel-based Role-Playing Game (first person view).

Imagined by video game lovers, Planets³ (pronounced «planetscube») combines the excitement of role playing with the pleasure of construction and the boundless freedom to roam about in a 3D universe. Its intricate plot and outstanding voxel based design offers opportunities for intense action and unlimited creativity. Planets³ has been designed to promote multi-player gameplay, to share the fun with friends. Today, in the early development stage, all the elements are in place to develop a first PC release. What we need now is your help to make it happen!

They already have the first update posted were they talk about rewards, the games alpha, and space enemies. So read on for a small part of the update.

Concerning alpha and beta: all backers who pledge 20$ or more will get access to all alpha and all beta (first and second opus) when they are available. As said in the road map diagram: Race to space Alpha is scheduled to fall this year, Race to space Beta for spring next year. We do not engaged ourselves for Space Enemies releases, but there will be an alpha and a beta too, and backer (>=20$) will get it too (in 2016 or 2017).

Thanks Icefire for sharing the link I almost forgot about this game.Wink

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