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Path of Exile - Inteview @ IncGamers

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-07 05:40:40

IncGamers interviews Chris Wilson the Managing Director of Grinding Gear Games to talk about the games new expansion Sacrifice of the Vaal.

IncGamers: Firstly, are your servers ready for the huge influx of players :)?

Chris Wilson: Yep! We have a good idea what to expect from the previous public release (Open Beta last January, full Release in October, etc).

What are you most excited about so far from the development of Sacrifice of the Vaal (SotV)?

Chris Wilson: I’m most excited about the special craftable chests in the Ambush league. It’s an idea I proposed over a year ago, but we needed to find the right place to introduce it. It was very easy to slot it into these four-month leagues once we had development resources to work on it.

What have you learned from the development of SotV so far?

Chris Wilson: We’ve learned that it’s both easy and fun to put together a very cohesive Path of Exile mini-expansion themed around Sacrifice and Corruption. We have many ideas for future mini-expansion themes and are really looking forward to selecting from them for the next one.

Any ideas that haven’t made it into Sacrifice of the Vaal because of the bigger expansion and possible Act 4?

Chris Wilson: We managed to pack everything we wanted into SotV! Act 4 and its associated large expansion are in the works, but we have at least one more mini-expansion before they’re ready.

Anything you’d like to say to your fans before the release of SotV?

Chris Wilson: I’d like to thank the fans for their amazing support, great feedback and inspirational level of creativity they show with character builds. Thanks!

Special thanks to Chris and his team for providing those answers on short notice. With only a few hours remaining, Chris has acknowledged the 1.1.0 skill tree for the Offline Skill Tree Calculator on Reddit is legit but already out of date, so any info from gleaned the screenshots around the web and those below may not be final.

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