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Dark Messiah - Review @ VE3D

by Garrett, 2006-11-07 17:15:30

Voodoo Extreme's Dark Messiah review is up, rating the title 8/10:

The other role-playing aspect is that there's an actual inventory system. You just don't run over things to pick them up. To use an item or spell, all you need to do is either right click it in your inventory, or drag and drop it into the hot bar, which automatically is assigned to a number (1-9) key. Most of the time you'll be navigating your way through dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting monsters. The physics effects are really quite cool, as you can kick monsters off ledges and into spikes, as well as do stuff like break beams that rain debris down on enemies, crushing them. Another fun gameplay twist is the rope bow, which fires magical arrows that work almost like grappling hooks. With it, you can climb up to ledges, get past traps and other sneaky stuff.

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