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Runemaster - Women from Norse Mythology

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-10 04:37:35

Paradox has a new post for Runemaster about women from Norse Mythology.

The Stories of Women from Norse Mythology

In Runemaster, you alone will determine the fate of the world. Until then, we invite you to read the stories of women from Norse Mythology and discover their sagas, before you embark on your own .

These women we mention are only a few that changed the world of Norse Mythology. When you play Runemaster, you will be able to create your own hero – man or woman – and change the fate of the world. So prepare for a journey into the unknown, because you alone are the master of your own saga. And if you want to bring forth a strong woman from Norse Mythology, please do so in the comments of this thread .

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