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Dungeonforge - Interview @ My Geek Review

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-10 04:48:21

Dungeonforge's Creator Mason Stanford was interviewed by My Geek Review.

What was your first D&D experience?

Mason Stanford: My first ever experience with the game was with my cousins in their basement. I would have been around 6 and wasn’t allowed to touch anything, but the whole game and the seriousness and almost reverence with which they approached it made an instant impression on me. And these were guys who, when they weren’t playing D&D were playing football and chasing girls – not your typical nerds.

What was your inspiration for creating dungeon forge?

Mason Stanford: Yeah, and it’s even more crazy thinking back to it. My cousin Tony is like this huge partier even as an adult, but when I started posting on Facebook about Dungeonforge he was like “Dude! This looks kick-ass!”

How do you envision people using dungeon forge? Obviously there is no right or wrong way, we just want to see through the creators eyes.

Mason Stanford: In the broadest sense, the ideal is just to give an outlet to their expression. Also as a first exposure to creating game content, we hope Dungeoforge helps inspire some of the new generation of game developers the way Neverwinter Nights and games like it inspired this genaration.

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