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Bound By Flame - Editorial @ Playstation Blog

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-12 04:29:06

The developers of Bound By Flame Spiders posted a new link to a new article on the Playstation Blog that explains the game crafting system.

The Crafting System Explained

Throughout your quest, you will loot various materials and components hidden in chests or from the corpses of your dead enemies. These are the basic components to craft weapons, armors, traps, ammunition or potions that you will need to progress in the game.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of crafting in Bound by Flame: some of the best pieces of equipment are crafted!

The character visual customisation is very deep: some pieces of armor have up to three slots that can be upgraded, with a direct impact on your character’s appearance.

Crafting components

In Bound by Flame, the opportunities to gather materials for crafting are many. Killing monsters, looting chests and coffins, or completing quests are all good means to collect various components.

There are a lot of crafting resources, and each of them has several quality levels:

  • Metal (raw, refined…)
  • Steel
  • Gemstone
  • Bones
  • Leather
  • Blood
  • Hearth dust
  • etc…

Most of these materials can have a tainted variant, implying various new crafting attributes. While low quality components are very common, you will need to gather a large amount of high quality materials to craft the best weapons and armors. Fortunately, low quality components may be used also to create higher quality materials, at the cost of quantity.

For instance, three coins let you craft a piece of raw metal, and four raw metal pieces will let you craft a piece of refined metal!

Another source of crafting materials will come from recycling your unwanted pieces of equipment. When you find a new armor with better stats, you might want to dismantle the old one, in order to get some components back!

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