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Earthlock - Update# 3, The World of Umbra

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-12 04:46:55

Snowcastle Games has posted the next kickstarter update for Earthlock: Festival of Magic. The update gives us a look into how the world of Umbra was developed.

Creating a world

We had a few requirements when we first started working on the layout of Umbra.

“Umbra is like most worlds. A world with a mythic and forgotten past. A world soaked in magic, monsters, men and machinery. Of empires in ruins and adventures abound. But unlike most worlds, Umbra has stopped spinning.” - The History of Umbra

The world design had to: 

  • reflect that it had stopped rotating, causing the land to completely transform. After doing a bit of research we figured out that if this were to happen to our planet, the water would gather towards the poles leaving a belt of land around equator. 
  •  communicate the concept of a world separated by light and darkness - Zenith and Nadir. Not necessarily in terms of good and bad 
  • be varied and easy to get around so we squashed the two worlds together instead of having one long sausage of land across the middle.

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