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Rampant Games - Stumbling New Consoles?

by Myrthos, 2014-03-12 12:37:29

We've had plenty of articles already on the PC dying as a gaming platform before, but The Rampant Coyote addresses an article from Tech Crunch in which the sales figures of the new consoles are compared to sales figures when the previous consoles were launched. They show a decline and conclude that the console market might be in trouble.

By comparing the technical side of the PC vs consoles, Jay feels that the cost involved to develop for these new console and taking advantage of all its technical abilities doesn't improve the gaming experience much.

I think more than comparison to the PC, the big issue is the comparison to the last generation of hardware. Historically, each hardware generation offered immediate, striking improvements over its predecessor. But each massive leap in technology offered slightly less of an incremental improvement in the overall gameplay experience of the previous one. The jump to 3D helped maintain the progression a little longer, but the law of diminishing returns wasn’t repealed. With the last two generations (Xbox 360 / PS 3 / Wii, and Xbone / PS4 / Wii-U), there has been a greater emphasis on things like online connectivity (awesome, but again catching up to where the PC had been for years), and new control gimmicks. From a raw gaming perspective, the jump to more memory and more triangles per frame with even cooler shaders doesn’t really add that much more to the experience.

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