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Earthlock - Interview @ Always Nintendo

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-13 04:40:39

Always Nintendo interviews Ben the Game Director of Snow Castle Games about their kickstarter RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic. As usual here is a small part of it.

AN: Late last year, Snowcastle Games decided to re-schedule the Kickstarter campaign for Festival of Magic until 2014. What was your reason for doing so?

Two words: Lousy timing. We were high on the success of our Steam Greenlight approval which went through much faster than we expected and decided to go for a Kickstarter right away. It started pretty well, but we quickly drowned in the buzz around the big console launches, and then came the American holidays. We learnt a lot from the two weeks we ran the campaign and built a very ardent core fan base who still is with us. So this time around we are doing everything the right way, and judging from the great start the first couple of days we seem to have nailed it this time around. A big positive change is the name change, or rather expansion. The game is now Earthlock: Festival of Magic and both our fans and we are very comfortable with the new name which is both descriptive and mystical.

AN: The long-awaited Kickstarter project for Earthlock: Festival of Magic has now re-opened! In just a few days, it’s managed to collect tons of pledges bringing Snowcastle even closer to their goal. How does it feel to know that you guys have so much support from fellow gamers all over the world?

We are making a game we really want to play ourselves. It is heartwarming to discover that it is also a game a lot of other gamers have missed and really want to play. The early stages of game development is pretty lonely in some ways and it is absolutely wonderful to put it out in the world and see all the love and support we are gathering. It is amazing how our supporters are pledging hard cash because they believe in us.

It is also quite scary when you think of all the work we have put into this project. Pressing that “Launch” button on the Kickstarter is the most emotional thing I have done in a long time. What if it fails?! What if we pass our stretch goals?! The possible range of outcome is mind boggling to say the least!

AN:  Finally, why do you think people should back this project? What are some rewards that backers can get?

If you are into story and character driven, turn based RPGs, go pledge! We are passionate about the genre and we think there are a lot of people out there that miss the more old school approach we’re going for! We promise to do all we can to deliver a memorable experience!

We have some very cool rewards for our backers, like exclusive weapon and vehicle skins that are available from the $45 tiers and on!

Another reward we’re pretty excited about is the “Earthlock Origins” comic book that will be penned by our writer, Magnus Aspli, and illustrated by Frits and Fredrik, our resident artists. The comic book will tell the story of Amon’s origins that pre dates the game! Backers also have the opportunity to get the “Art of Earthlock” book, soundtrack, posters and more!

Earthlock is an RPG that comes by its roots honestly with a love of the genre and respect for its predecessors. Snowcastle is committed to creating a game that players will be excited to play because it is going to be a game that we would want to play.

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