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Subterranea - Kickstarter Updates# 6 & 7

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-13 04:52:15

Subterranea has two new kickstarter updates from the last two days. The first update is recap of the Character Creation video for backers whom might have missed it.

Character Creation

At the suggestion of one of our great backers, we're posting an older mini-gameplay video in this update taking the viewer through the creation of a character in Subterranea, enjoy!

The second update shares two samples of game music.

Subterranea Music

Hi all, super-backer and talented game music composer James Thorley has composed two custom tracks for Subterranea. The first is called "Mystery of Vengarth" and was inspired by the concept art of the main villain:

The other track is called "Echoes of Vengarth" and is suited for general exploration around the swamp and megadungeon:

If you'd like to contact James to use his talents for custom game music, send us a message and we'll pass on his contact details!

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