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Celestian Tales - Update# 4, Fully Funded

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-13 05:07:17

Ekuator Games has posted the fourth update for Celestian Tales. The update shares information the game is 100% funded, and talks about new stretch goals.

FUNDED! Into the Stretch Goals!

This is Day 12, and we have passed through the target amount! Celestian Tales: Old North will be made reality, and it's all because of your support. Thank you! :D

Honestly, we didn't think we'd get here in such a short time. We've been preparing new arts, new animations, and new prototype features to celebrate the project passing through its goal, but it happened so quickly we haven't finished them yet. We're sorry for not foreseeing this earlier. Please accept a better-looking stretch goal art as an apology.

We received quite a number of feedbacks about those who wish to know more about the additional story contents listed on the Stretch Goals.

PayPal Options

We received a number of requests asking to pledge through PayPal. Since we've passed through the target, we can safely open the PayPal option. It's now available on our website and can be accessed here.

If you know of anyone who'd like to pledge for Celestian Tales: Old North through PayPal, please share them this news. We really, really appreciate it :)

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