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Dragon Fin Soup - Kickstarter Now Live

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-13 11:36:44

Grimm Bros have launched their kickstarter for Dragon Fin Soup asking for $24,000. The game is described as a turn based tactical action RPG with roguelike elements.

We see Kickstarter as a great platform to connect with gamers and are here asking for your backing to help us finish the game and make Dragon Fin Soup a phenomenal experience!

Grimm Bros is a new indie RPG game company of veteran developers. We are very small and 100% indie. Our entire team is spread around the world with members located in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Chicago, San Francisco, and London. We all work together online making games from our home offices, pubs, cafes... basically anywhere with a power outlet and wifi.

As an indie studio it's important to be in control of the development without not having to bend and compromise from outside influences. We are indie because we really want to make the kind of games we would personally enjoy playing and not doing work for hire or work on projects where the focus is on the business model.

Our development has been funded so far with the help of our amazing friends and family in addition to our own personal money, time, and efforts.

Dragon Fin Soup is our debut title that we've been pouring all of our time, efforts, and hearts into over the past year in order to craft a fantastic game experience to share with you. Every day we proudly sacrifice our souls to the elder gods of gaming to bring you yummy RPG goodness!


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