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Grim Dawn - Preview @ Gamer Attitude

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-15 04:37:05

Gamer Attitude played the Early Access build of Grim Dawn, and shares their opinion about the game in a new preview. They like the game, but note it still needs fixing.

To sum up this game I can see it being up a lot of players streets, I too enjoy dungeon crawler games as I have clocked many hours on Diablo III. I am looking forward to see what this game is like once it is complete and released as a registered game. It is currently on Steam for £20.99 which for any early access alpha is very pricey. I personally think at this point in the development of the game it should not be this higher price. I am not knocking this game in the slightest IT IS a brilliant game just needs work. If you like everything you have read, you can pick this game up on Steam today and join in the alpha.

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