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Might & Magic X - Review @ RPGamer

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-15 04:50:31

RPGamer has finally posted their review for Might and Magic X: Legacy. They gave the game a final score of 3.5/5 due to game slowdowns, and the games grid movement.

The pros and cons of Might and Magic X: Legacy are more straightforward here than they tend to be for the series. Tile movement in towns and horrendous slowdown outside are a major drag. Class, skill, gear, and attribute options are great and the freedom to create whatever you want is a boon. Dungeons are fantastic, well-planned, and fun. If the game was designed and coded to maximize the enjoyment of dungeons, Limbic could have structured the outdoor areas like smaller, linked dungeons and avoided many of the drawbacks. There are some minor weaknesses that can be written off as part of being old school or part of being a budget title: there's almost no voice acting, the background music is passable, and despite a deep, fleshed out lore and setting, the story isn't worth mentioning. The end result is a title that should appeal to fans of the series while enticing newcomers and gamers who weren't born in 1986, but large technical flaws and a drop-off in difficulty keep it from being the throwback gem it wants to be.

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