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Dark Souls II - Interview @ Paste Magazine

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-16 04:20:21

Producer Takeshi Miyazoe was interviewed by Paste Magazine to answer a few questions about Dark Souls II. Here is a sample of the interview below.

It seems like every game gets a sequel or reboot eventually, but Dark Souls II never felt like a given. Yes, Dark Souls was a success, but it was already a sequel in all but name to the cult favorite Demon’s Souls, and there wasn’t obvious room for improvement on the mission statement of punishing the player as much as possible. You can easily play Dark Souls for hundreds of hours without completely exhausting it—why would you need a sequel? The only way to make Dark Souls harder is to remove vital body parts from the player, and that doesn’t seem like a deal most would be willing to make.

Of course From Software, the designers of Dark Souls, could’ve gone in the opposite direction, and try to make a sequel that toned down the difficulty in hopes of attracting a new and larger audience. Perhaps they could’ve scrapped the confrontational online features, where players can leave (often misleading) tips for each other, or “invade” other players’ games and hunt them down, in favor of more traditional or balanced multiplayer modes. But then they’d be turning their backs on the most defining features of the Souls series, and no doubt driving away a good portion of their fans. As Dark Souls II producer Takeshi Miyazoe tells Paste, “the high sense of achievement and the loose connections with other players are the core conceptual pillars to the Dark Souls franchise. With Dark Souls II, the intent was to streamline the experience and provide a more direct expression of the core essence.”

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