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South Park - Editorial @ Kotaku

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-18 04:50:55

Kotaku's  Jason Schreier has a new article were he talks about South Park: The Stick of Truth combat system. He lists both the good and bad parts of it.

There was a point in South Park: The Stick of Truth—somewhere between performing an abortion and farting on Nazi zombies—when it occurred to me that Obsidian's new RPG isn't just ridiculous—it's also kind of brilliant.

Much has been made about Stick of Truth's impeccable comic timing—and it is impeccable!—but just as impressive is the game's turn-based combat system, which somehow manages to stay consistently fresh and entertaining throughout some 10 hours and 100+ battles. STEP ASIDE, FINAL FANTASY.

South Park's combat system is sort of like a cross between Earthbound and Paper Mario. Your characters line up across from the bad guys, waiting their turns to use attacks and spells, and in order to execute those abilities, you perform mini-quick-time-events that involve pressing buttons in the proper order at the proper times to both attack and block your opponents' moves.

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