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Age of Wonders 3 - Development Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-19 10:20:39

Triumph Studios has two new development updates for Age of Wonders 3 on the games website. The first update is a collection of six videos about the games multiplayer.

So Multiplayer in Age of Wonders III, how does that work?!  Forumite and Beta-tester BLOODYBATTLEBRAIN has been so kind to record the first video of an Online multiplayer match between fellow Beta tester Arjan_van_Daalen and himself.  This series of videos show the 2 players battling it out in Age of Wonders signature Simultaneous Turns Mode on a Randomly Generated Map and features.

The second update is about a boxed collector's edition only available for select regions. So if you live in the US or UK you will have to import one.

Q: So why isn’t the game available in retail shops in more countries?

We focused on countries where (strategy) PC games retail is prevalent and healthy, which pretty much is continental Europe. In the US and UK, it’s a challenge to get new full price PC titles in shops these days. We also had to limit the amount of co-publishing deals, due to internal overhead.

Q: Can I buy a physical copy from another country?

Retail copies from Northwestern Europe are not region locked and include English in-game text and voice. If you’re looking for a Limited Edition, the German one sold on Amazon.de could be an option. Careful! Lower priced copies from Russia and Poland are region locked for activation. (unless you want them just for the physical goodies!)

Q: Why did you include an in-game manual, not a physical one?

We live in 2014, with games being supported and updated after release. A printed manual would be outdated the moment it is sent to the printer. The digital manual, called the “Tome of Wonders”, displays actual game variables for things like units and spells, to ensure all data is up to date. Most importantly, it is super convenient to browse using hyperlinks and search functions from within the game.

Q: Why did you Steam-wrap the retail copies?

The Steam platform has many cool features, including features that make our lives a lot easier in regards to distribution. Did you know this decision allowed us to spend a month of additional development on the game? The game is subject to a day one patch upon activation. Doing retail without Steam would mean we’d have to lock the build a month earlier for manufacturing!

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