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NWN Jason Lowry Interview @ NW Vault

by Kalia, 2006-06-08 14:23:00
NW Vault has conducted an interview with Jason Lowry, co-creator of the new premium module, Infinite Dungeons.
9) What are your thoughts on the recent cancellation of the Premium Modules program?

It's sad. Everyone who signed the contract knew it was a possibility it could happen. ID was scraped once in the conceptual stage, I got lucky the reason why was an easy fix. The 1.67 patch, some would say free expansion, was a direct result of the premium module system. It's too bad we could not keep that system working into NWN2 and beyond, it was good for both the company and the consumer, a win-win, those are hard to come by.
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Source: NW Vault

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