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Bound By Flame - Meet Randval The Warrior

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-21 04:08:14

Spiders has released more information about a new companion that will join your party in Bound By Flame. This time we are introduced to Randval The Warrior.

Randval is a warrior, last survivor of an ancient clan that was decimated by the Deadarmy. He now lives with the burden of regaining the lost honor of his clan, or to die trying.

According to his strict code of honor, Randval protects the village of Valvenor, waiting for an opportunity to claim this honor back.

His meeting with the Hero of Bound by Flame will give Randval this opportunity he was longing for. The seemingly impossible quest the Hero has thrown himself in is an epic, heroic and desperate goal definitely worthy of the code of honor of Randval’s clan.

Randval is an extremely disciplined fighter, who is ready to sacrifice his life if it is necessary. He considers the demonic powers of the hero as a mean to fight the Ice Lords.

On the battlefield, he will rush into the enemies, taunting them to get their attention and have them focus their attacks on him, giving his allies freedom of movement and relative safety to attack.

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