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Kyn - Preview @ Game Saga

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-22 04:55:26

Here is the second preview I could find in the last few months for Tangrin's ARPG Kyn. The site this time is called Game Saga who enjoyed the early build  they played.

All in all Kyn is a really fun game if you’re into Action-Adventure/Action RPG type games. I am, so I like it. It plays a lot like a mixture of WoW/Guild Wars/Diablo. Add 1 cup of WoW, 1 cup of Guild Wars, 1 cup of Diablo and mix well and you’ll get Kyn. The music is awesome, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is fun, it’s difficult in parts, but not brutally so, just a great experience. So far there’s no voice acting, but maybe that’ll be added at a later date? Even without it, the game is still tons of fun. Keep a close eye out for this one as we get closer to Summer when Kyn is scheduled to be released.

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