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Planets - Interview @ Softpedia

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-22 05:14:39

Cubical Drift's CEO Michel Thomazeau was interviewed by Softpedia to talk about the developers Open World RPG Voxel RPG Planets³. Here are some of the questions.

Softpedia: Your Kickstarter pitch is well put together, and the video shows some great visuals and a nice musical score. How much time did you spend preparing for the campaign before it went live?

Michel Thomazeau: We put a lot of efforts in the Kickstarter campaign; we wanted to show a maximum of visual contents and features to our futures players. The trailer itself is about 5 months of work in total.

We had to create all the concept arts (2D and 3D), bring the prototype to a state that allows us to capture nice videos and of course assembling all of that together in a 2 minutes video.

Softpedia: You're already two thirds there now, with over 5000 backers, and you must be very excited. The Kickstarter month is famous for taking a considerable mental toll on developers. How are you holding up so far?

Michel Thomazeau: We are beginning to be tired and stressed, but it's good stress! Kickstarter is an incredible adventure and seeing all these backers supporting us is the most beautiful reward after so much work.

But we still have a long way to go to succeed!

Softpedia: What is the minimum level of implemented features before you will be comfortable with releasing a playable alpha to the project's backers, and how soon do you estimate being able to do so?

Michel Thomazeau: In the alpha we want to have the first quests of the story and all that is needed to complete them in co-op mode.

Other things that are not directly linked to the first quests will be implemented such as complete planets generation, solar system movement and night/day cycle.

We have a lot to implement about users data too, to be able to handle all players account on our website.We estimated to be able to deliver the alpha before the end of this year.

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