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Dragon Fin Soup - Update# 5, To Infinity & Beyond

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-22 05:43:25

Dragon Fin Soup was funded, and has recived $37,146 of the games $24,000 goal. The developers Grimm Bros have posted a new update with more information.

To Infinity and Beyond with New Tiers!

Last Wednesday was a FANTASTIC day for us! We were approved on Steam Greenlight, we hit our initial Kickstarter funding goal, and we announced our game on the official Sony blogs all on the same day! So far we have received a lot of very positive feedback from the Sony Playstation blog posts and we are very grateful for all your support, comments and encouragements! http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/03/19/dragon-fin-soup-coming-to-ps4-ps3-ps-vita

Now lets look to hit a few of those Stretch Goals and really make Dragon Fin Soup shine!

New Ghost Edition & Artisan Edition Tiers

After getting lots of requests and messages we decided to create two new lower range tiers for everyone - the Artisan Edition and Ghost Edition. We were considering adding Add-ons but were advised by many other developers to avoid that as they would add a lot of extra work on our side, mixups and chaos :D We are just 5 guys who work remotely and one of us will have to manage all that…

We also received many requests regarding a printed Artbook! We would love to do it but adding it to lower tiers or as an add-on is very risky because unlike prints we would have to order a high minimum number of books and (hundreds/thousands). Perhaps we can consider this in the future :)

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