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Planets - Interview @ Strategy Informer

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-23 04:34:46

Strategy Informer took the time to interview Cubicle Drift's Michel Thomazeau to ask a few questions about his kickstarter Planets³. Here are some of his answers.

Strategy Informer: Can you give us a brief overview of Planets3 ?

Michel Thomazeau: Planets3 is all about bringing a story over a voxel world. Planets3 is a RPG with all that it [a RPG] involves. There will be a storyline with a lot of quests, characters that will accompany you in your adventure; some of them will help you to progress. And we want to bring the construction aspect in the quest: some of them [characters] will ask you to build specific structures.

Strategy Informer: Are there any features of Planets3 that you could share with us that haven't been announced already?

Michel Thomazeau: Not really, we didn’t want to reveal pets on [the] Kickstarter campaign, but finally we did it. The features list we revealed on the Kickstarter page is somehow complete.

Strategy Informer: Can you explain how your “Infinite View Distance Engine” works?

Michel Thomazeau:
To see planets from everywhere was a gameplay constrain. But [as] planets are made of 30 trillion blocks, this was impossible to display. So we needed to implement a specific engine to be able to display a “sub resolution” of the planet. The further away you look, the more details will disappear. So as you can see on the prototype screenshot or video, you can see planets, even if you are very far from them.

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