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Celestian Tales - Preview @ Siliconera

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-24 04:27:45

Siliconera posted a preview of the recently funded kickstarter Celestian Tales: Old North. If you want more details about the game here is the link to the games website.

Celestian Tales: Old North is heading into romantically heavy territory in its Kickstarter pitch, but it’s one we’re willing to stay a while and listen to. The PC RPG from Indonesian devs Ekuator Games will be split into three parts hopes to delve into serious choices and stories of each of its six main characters, similar to Odin Sphere, and the hard picks of the past will carry on into the future.

The game is intended to span some three decades of in-game time, after all. You can also try out a very early prototype out on their main site if you’re split.

Combat is expected to be a turn-based affair, with the ability to custom-build characters as they grow. There’s also expected to be less of it, with the devs promising that every fight therefore will have “real, threatening challenges”.

In fact, say the devs, running away is an option due to a reputation system—mass genocide of fairies probably doesn’t sit well with the elves you’re on the way to visit. To beef up such concepts, every character shares the same experience pool and levels up together. As someone who’s swapped back and forth between difficulty settings in Bravely Default to avoid combat or grind as necessary, this sounds great.

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