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Forsaken Fortress - Combat Video and Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-24 04:35:39

Photon Productions has posted a new combat video and development update in the latest post-funding update for Forsaken Fortress.

It also confirms the news of the delay we mentioned a few days back.

Some important features for the next build:

1. AI can do proper pathfinding outside of the base.

2. If your companion got lost(for instance, you left him too far behind), he would return base.

3. Certain attachment can be mounted on certain weapon(for instance, a sniper scope can be attached to most rifles)

4. You can spend the extra money on some bonus cards. for instance you can buy a reinforcement card for 5000. And what it does is basically calling 5 militia men to fight for you. This feature is not that important to the overall gameplay, it just brings a bit more fun and balance.

Known Issue,

The previous issue was the pathfinding and it was solved. Now we have had some reports on crashes and saving problem. The crash is the tricky one, since it could be caused by so many factors. We are working with several testers to solve this problem and hopefully the system will be more stable in the next build.

What's next

The game mechanism is pretty much what it is right now. There could be a lot more features to be polished and added in. But we think that if the game is more balanced and without bugs, it will be playable. So debugging and balancing is what we are focusing on right now.

1. Adding music and sound effects

2. Add a large vehicle to carry more people(we only have two small buggy cars at the moment). It makes life easier if you want to lead a large team to expedition.

3. Adding backer customized items(customized characters, item designing, location name, etc) We are sending out surveys to collect these information.

4. Debugging, Debugging, Debugging....

Estimated Release Date 4/20

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