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Earthlock - Update# 8, New Reward Tier

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-24 04:49:45

The deveopler of Earthlock: Festival of Magic Snowcastle Games has information about a new physical USB add-on, and new reward tier in the latest update.

The Spudgun USB Flash Drive!

This is a Custom Rubber USB Flash Drive modeled after Amons iconic Spudgun which you can see him use to shoot magical harvested ammunition in the demo and in the battle video. It will come preloaded with a DRM free copy of the game for either PC, Mac or Linux depending on your choice. 

To get this custom Flash Drive all you have to do is add $50 to your pledge in the pledge manager and stay on the same tier. Remember to add $5 if you need shipping outside of the USA. You will be able to log into our backerkit once the campaign is over and select which add-ons you want for your pledge. 

Please note that this is not the only DRM Free version. You will still be able to get a DRM free version of the game as a digital download if you choose so. 

New Reward Tier!

You can also get the flash drive through the new reward tier: The FLASH DRIVE tier ($140).
This tier is the same as the Earthlock Sequels tier except that it also contains the Custom USB Flash Drive (International shipping included). 

All Creative Tiers and higher now contains the FLASH DRIVE tier as well!

Check the front page Reward section for a complete overview of what each tier includes. 

Fallen Hero Reward

We also just want to remind everyone of the Fallen Hero reward which is included in the ART BOOK tier. This will add your name to one of the in game Fallen Hero Ghost monsters. These are collectible enemies you can encounter throughout the world of Umbra. Read more about this reward in the reward section on the front page.

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