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Legends Of Persia - Adds a Kickstarter Campaign

by Myrthos, 2014-03-24 12:25:34

With their Indiegogo campaign for Legends of Persia running for over a month and not gathering that much funding, independent games developer ‘Sourena Game Studio’ has now started a Kickstarter campaign as well, which at this moment has already performed way better than the Indiegogo campaign has.

They are asking for 3000 dollars and are aiming at a release date of May this year, which I suppose means the game is already finished and only needs some final touches.

Here is the official press stuff:

KickStarter Campaign Underway For Action-Packed RPG ‘Legends Of Persia’ Currently In Development For The PC
Greenlit On Steam & Voted As Top-5 Upcoming Indie Game Of The Year!

Victoria, Australia, Monday March 24th 2014: independent games developer ‘Sourena Game Studio’ has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter™ to secure funds to complete the development of their action-packed ‘Legends Of Persia’ RPG for the PC. Incorporating bloody battles, item usage, character building, and a unique storyline, the game revolves around Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh, who in the name of his father’s blood seeks to take revenge upon Afrasiab, the king of Tooran. Throughout the game, the character will face difficult challenges to overcome, such as defeating massive waves of enemies, encountering difficult bosses, and finally dealing with Afriasiab, his father’s killer.

Pledge your support to ‘Legends Of Persia’ TODAY!

With more than 8 hours of single-player action, 5 attractive locations to explore and more than 200 weapons and items to use, ‘Legends Of Persia’ is packed full of features! The game will also include 18 unique types of magic, 3 different hero characters, fully customizable, and more than 30 unique challenging enemies.
The developer is also proud to announce that the game has just been Greenlit by the community on Steam in addition to being awarded as one of the Top-5 upcoming Indie games of the yearFeatures
  • Experience the dramatic events between seasons through a brand new original story!
  • Unlockable character classes that each play differently!
  • 18 powerful spells to cast.
  • Built from the ground up to support modding.
  • Ongoing free updates.
  • Many expansions available post-release.
  • Detailed, interactive tutorial.Feature list
  • Wide Range of Magic spells and abilities.
  • Thousands of items.
  • A deep crafting system.
  • Menacing boss battles.
  • Procedurally generated items.
  • Hunting and survival mechanics.
  • 3 characters to choose from.

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