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Eschalon: Book III - Interview @ Gamesauce

by Myrthos, 2014-03-25 15:58:25

Gamesauce interviewed Basilisk Games' Thomas Riegsecker abouth the history of the Eschalon games, how the indie games market changed over time and what in his opinion made the Eschalon series a success.

If I am honest about what has made Eschalon a minor success, it’s because it is a game series that caters to a very narrow spectrum of gamers. Many of our customers are over 30 and grew up on pre-Diablo style role-playing games, and they are looking for a very specific type of gaming experience now. These are the customers I focus on because if I tried to appeal to the mainstream gamer mass, I would be neglecting the customers who have supported Basilisk Games from the start. It’s a challenging path to follow, and more than once I drew the ire of Eschalon fans for trying to add a feature that I hoped might draw in new customers. Catering to this niche market has limited the game’s appeal to the general gaming audience, though it is the very reason for Eschalon‘s successes as well as its failures.

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