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Bound By Flame - Preview @ MMORPG

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-27 05:29:41

MMORPG posted a short preview of Bound By Flame based on a demo from GDC 2014. The tone of the preview is positive which is good news as the game is available in May.

Bound By Flame has a massive world to explore. There are four full chapters and about 25 hours of game play. There are lots of enemies to fight of all different types. Monsters, undead, evil necromancers are against you at every turn. The game has a full day and night cycle which can bring about different encounters as the times change.

The real highlight in Bound By Flame is the action combat. It moves very quickly and is very fluid, and fans of The Witcher series will definitely be pleased. The game can be played on the PS4, XBox 360, or PC when it launches in May. We really liked what we saw with Bound By Flame. The dark fantasy setting and demonic spell effects really add to the grim reality of the world. Playing as a mercenary also adds some bravado in how you go into all of your encounters. There may be a lot of RPGs in the works, but Bound By Flame is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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